Hip-Hop to Health is a fun, interactive evidence-based healthy eating and exercise curriculum for children ages 3-7 years.  Hip-Hop to Health was created by Drs. Melinda Stolley & Marian Fitzgibbon with ongoing feedback from early elementary school teachers, parents and school administrators.  Results of a comprehensive randomized evaluation study showed that children who received the Hip Hop to Health curriculum compared to children who received a general health curriculum showed smaller increases in weight at  1- and 2-yerars after the program.  Thus, Hip-Hop to Health was successful in taking these children off the trajectory to overweight and obesity.  The litracy-based curriculum engages children and and can be easily implemented in a variety of settings including schools, childcare centers, park districts, after-school programs, churches and homes.  Each week focuses on a specific theme such as go and grow foods, fruits and veggies, alternative activities to TV, heart healthy exercise and so on.  Although the original and tested curriculum includes 14 themes with with three lessons in each theme, we also offer an abbreviated program of  8 themes which can be tailored to meet individual program needs.  The child curriculum includes a set of food group puppets, two original curriculum book, parent newsletters and a program CD with program songs and two fully scripted 20-minute exercise routines. A parent curriculum is also available.  All materials are available in English and Spanish.

Contact: hh2hinfo@gmail.com